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Hi there, I’m Ches

I teach English as a second language. I have been teaching for 8 years now with experience teaching a group of students to one on one; face to face and online.



I first started teaching my son, who at the time was home educated. This prompted me to  do my Cambridge University CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) to learn how to mainly lesson plan my son's lessons. Of course, I was teaching my son not only English as a first language but other UK/British curriculum based subjects too to meet his learning needs. I then, as a result went into teaching English as a career. Everything else is history from this point.

It is now 2020. As you know the pandemic has changed the majority of the learning space in the education sector to online learning. Due to this as well as continuing to work online, I decided to start working for myself teaching something I love hence "Ches online Learning".  

Ches online Learning,  focuses on Business English, General and Academic IELTS Exam preparation, and General English. 

At this time, Ches Online learning is a one person team. What is different about Ches online learning is that, it is for those who want to specifically concentrate on a given area of English based on their daily life or future need in for example; Business English where they focus on certain scenarios realistic to their work needs. Such as vocabulary,sentence structure or grammar based on their specified catered requests.  This is included in General English and IELTS exam preparation.

Each learner will be assessed initially and given feedback on the assessment for their level. The aim is to give a realistic future plan on level as well as future progress.


Bachelor's Degree with Honors in Computing

Jan 2015 - July 2020

I have a Bachelors Degree with Honers completed in 2020, with a 2:1 result. I have a CELTA and a TEFL in teaching General English as a second language. I also hold a TEFL in teaching Business English Online.

Therefore, if you are serious about your learning journey in the services I offer on this site, do get in touch, as your future is in your hands and am happy to impart the knowledge to help you succeed.


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